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Our featured article in the Gulf Coast Business Observer


Gulf Coast Business Observer


I am very excited and proud to announce our featured article in the Gulf Coast Business Observer. At EZFingerPrints we have worked very hard to build our business and become the leader in Livescan Fingerprint Background Checks. As our business continues to grow our goal is to become a one stop shop for all of your background check needs.


To help serve the needs of all of our customers we have done the following….


  • Increasing hours of operation until 6pm to help with people who cannot come see us until after work.
  • Adding Drug Testing services to enable one invoice and speed up results and the hiring process.
  • Adding Basic Background Check services to include motor vehicle checks, tenant screens, and county criminal searches.
  • Hiring additional mobile fingerprint technicians so we can service all of the Tampa Bay area.


EZFingerPrints has become your complete pre-hire company to keep you in state compliance and make sure you are making wise hiring decisions. As a business owner, you understand that good employees are the foundation of any business. Your customers will only be satisfied and refer you to others if they are receiving quality, professional service from your employees and they feel you are truly helping them meet their needs.


The time and money you invest in EZFingerPrints and your employees will return to you in the form of confident, efficient staff and happy, loyal team members.


As always, we will work 100% around your schedule to ensure your livescan fingerprint background checks are done right the first time!

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