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About EZ FingerPrints

In 2010, everything changed for me. As the owner of a successful home care company, I was given a few months’ notice that a new law was requiring all my employees to have a Level 2 FBI Background Check. Not understanding the State regulations, what the new regulation meant, or the cost involved, I called my local competitors to get pricing and see if anyone knew how to quickly process new employees.

Here’s what I discovered about Level 2 FBI Background Checks:

  • You had to schedule appointments!
  • No one accepted same-day appointments!
  • You had to pay in advance!
  • No payments were accepted at the time of sale!
  • Walk-ins were not allowed!
  • No one understood the process!

As a small business owner, this was unacceptable and infuriating; this new law was going to delay hiring and kill my business!

It is said that Out of Adversity Comes Opportunity. As a solution to the red tape, paperwork, and expense involved in running background checks, EZ FingerPrints was born.

EZ FingerPrints is now in its 10th year of business providing convenient, reliable, and fast fingerprinting and background services to businesses and organizations throughout the community and Florida. We rely on exemplary customer service, traditional marketing, and social media sites such as LinkedIn and LinkedIn ProFinder to maximize EZ's impact throughout the Florida B-2-B community.

My primary goal is to have happy customers by listening to your wants and needs and constantly improving our services. Please feel free to contact me and offer your suggestion.

EZ Services

  • Level 2 FBI Background Checks ($45 - $100) - Also known as Fingerprinting and Livescan background checks
  • Drug Testing - Pre-employment drug testing ($25) and drug free workplace programs
  • Courses - Providing operations manuals and tools to help fingerprint providers grow
  • Memberships - Providing all the equipment, software, and tools required for you to start your own background check business! 

Now with 2 Locations, Largo and New Port Richey, for Your Convenience!

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